I got many questions from my students while I am taking a blogging chapter. I'm not frightened by their queries but shocked by the way they write the article after knowing everything. So I decided to make a blog article that has complete information where you can use it as a reference for your future work.

Let's understand this topic a bit deeper.

The format of the Blog Article

The format of the blog article is essential to attract your readers. Let me tell you why? Content is king; You know this. But the point is, Content is king when your blog is formatted in a well-structured manner.

If your blog has excellent Content with no format, it is like you have a joker with no life in a rummy game. Readers love the blog article, which has everything formated.

We have many formats available on the internet. But every flourishing blog article has a standardcomposition that is friendly to adoptable. Here you go

  • Name of the article which we call it as an H1 title.
  • Feature image of the blog article.
  • A small introduction to the topic before diving into a more profound subject.
  • The actual Content where you need to explain in-depth information
  • Your opinions on the subject in the conclusion section

Steps of Article Writing

There are many steps to write an article, But i have figured four significant steps that make any blog article looks organized

  • Purpose of the article
  • Target audience
  • Filter the information
  • Organizing the blog article

Let's breakdown one by one for a better understanding.

Purpose of the Article

Before penning down your article, answer these two questions to yourself.

  • Why am I bringing this article to the limelight?
  • Is this going to benefits my audience?

If you have answers to this question, start writing the blog article without wasting any of your time

Target Audience

I know you have your target audience for your blog. But every blog topic is unique by its way. For example, I'm from the digital marketing industry. Now, this blog article will benefit all the audiences out there who are interested in writing online journals, fashion articles, food bloggers, etc.

So every industry has a specific topic that will benefit others, irrespective of their working industry. So before starting your blog, list out your target audience, and then start writing.

Filter the information

Filtering the information is the crucial section in Blog article writing. Collect all the information on the topic you decided to write, and then filter the data. Write down the text in your style with the details you collected.

Organizing the blog article

Arrange your blog article in chronological order.

Take care of these four objectives

I have seen many bloggers missing out on these four objectives in their blog articles, which are very important in the blogging journey. Let me list them out for you

  • Catchy Title
  • Avoid Grammatical mistakes
  • Use your vocabulary skills
  • Avoid being too formal

Catchy Title

A catchy title is essential for a blog article to get more clicks. It acts like a click bite, which givesthe traffic more than you anticipated. So remember, always have a catchy title in your blog article.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

A common mistake for every blogger. We have a Grammarly tool for chrome extension, which eliminates the errors in your blog article. The premium tool has more options like plagiarism tests, Word synonyms, and a few more.

Use your vocabulary skills

We may not have a vast vocabulary in English, but we can improve our vocabulary skills by using synonyms of the words. The Premium Grammarly tool will help you with improving your language.

Avoid being too formal

Our audiences shower their love when we use in-general language while we are discussing the subject. Write the article like you are talking to them. Add your opinions in between the blog article. Share you're happening if you encounter similar circumstances. This process will help your audiences to hold with your Blog article for few more mins.

Avoid these common mistakes

There are a few common mistakes that every blogger does at the beginning of their journey. But surprisingly, I'm finding out these mistakes in the bloggers who have a minimum of three years experience in the digital marketing journey

The list starts with

  • Not using facts
  • Not being easily readable
  • Not using enough paragraphs
  • Talking more about himself/herself

Not using facts

If you're not using facts in your blog article, it's just an article with the information. Your blog article won't be building any credibility if you're not saying facts about the subject.

Not being easily readable

The article must be in simple language for a better understanding. Do not prefer a broad vocabulary language, which is challenging to read.

Not using enough paragraphs

Blog article should have a minimum of 3 lines as a paragraph. Divide your blog article into segments that is 3-4 lines and make it easy to read for your audience.

Talking more about himself/herself

Avoid talking more about yourself in the blog article. Too much information about you will makeyour audience feel uncomfortable. Cling to the subject and add 1-2 of the experience in between the blog article.

Final Words

Blog Article writing is an uncomplicated process if you follow the above steps, which we have discussed. Don't be afraid of the mistakes. We have an alternative solution for everything. Just try to avoid the common mistakes, Take care of those four objectives and focus on the blog article format.

I hope I covered all the essential aspects of blog article writing. If I miss out on anything, please let me know in the comment box. Before switching to the next tab, I wanted to know your reaction to this blog post with the emoji reaction, which is right below the article.

With All Love

Urs Vishnu

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